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  • Interview: FK Vojvodina Academy Director Duško Grujić

    Interview: FK Vojvodina Academy Director Duško Grujić

    The third and final interview of our series around Serbia’s prestigious FK Vojvodina involves the club’s Academy Director, Duško Grujić. Born near Novi Sad back in the 1970s, and a centre-back in his playing days, Grujić is currently the man responsible for bringing the next generation of talents at Vojvodina to the mainstream.  Starting off […]

  • Interview: Napredak Kruševac’s Aleksandar Mesarović

    Interview: Napredak Kruševac’s Aleksandar Mesarović

    Note for the reader: this interview was originally conducted in October 2018, when the player was at FK Vojvodina, however most of the information stays relevant to the current day.  Though Serbia is outside the spectrum of most football fans when it comes to watching the sport, the fact that the Balkan nation has produced […]

  • Interview: FK Vojvodina’s Miloš Subotin

    Interview: FK Vojvodina’s Miloš Subotin

    The job of the PR manager of any football club is often underappreciated. Not only are they tasked with preserving and improving the identity of a sporting organisation, their duties and decisions often impact entire communities, cities, and even nations.  Some PR managers spend more time than the players, coaches and directors at the club […]