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We are a collective of football writers, fans and followers from across the world who all share the same goal: to peel back the sanitised layers of corporate jargon and celebrate what makes football so special.

This doesn’t mean we reject the polished product of elite level football – many of us are fans of Premier League clubs – but rather that we want to tell the stories that matter. It could be an interview with a fanzine editor, a photo essay of a trip abroad, a nostalgic long-form article about a 1970s Italian player, a feature on the real-life career of a computer game legend, a debate about the issues of the day, or anything in between.

We were born out of a community, and that will drive our ethos. We offer editorial support, discussion, opportunities to publish photos, videos or words, advice and so much more. Everyone is welcome to join us in any way. Just drop us a line through our social media channels, and help us get to the Heart of Football.

Editor in Chief

Andrew Flint (Twitter: @andrewmijflint)
Tyumen, Siberia

When I was 12, my letter to United We Stand fanzine was published and I will never forget the euphoric thrill of seeing my words in print. Two decades later I live in Tyumen, Siberia, as Editor of the Russian Premier League website’s official English version. I have had my work published by When Saturday Comes, Four Four Two, These Football Times, The Guardian, The Football Pink, Futbolgrad and Russian Football News.


James Foster (Twitter: @JamesFoster85)
Huddersfield, UK

IT worker by day, Editor at Heart of Football by night. Lover of Manchester United, Football Manager and the football stories you never hear. Fed up of the monotony of regurgitated content about how amazing Messi is and how Pep is the world’s greatest manager, I wanted to know WHY he’s the greatest manager. But most of all, I wanted to write about it myself.

Bryan J. Moore (Twitter: @bemorephoto)

Football. Photos. Travel. In that order. Football since my first trip to Anfield aged 10, Photos since my first camera aged 13, Travel since I first lived abroad in Spain aged 18. I always angle for an angle in my writing. You can only see, if you know what you’re looking at.

Johnny McKenna (Twitter: @JohnnyMckenna)
Tyumen, Siberia

Long-lasting relationships are those that survive trial and adversity; thus began my relationship with football and Liverpool when my heart was broken and stolen by the Spice Boys in ’96. I’ve been defending mine and Anfield’s corners ever since, falling further for the beautiful game with each passing argument. Now comes the daunting step of sharing my opinion beyond the barstool.


Andrew McAlister (Twitter: @McAlisterJourno)

Aspiring sports reporter, doing well to avoid an alleged bias to Manchester City. A keen linguist and a travel enthusiast, I aim to see a football match everywhere I visit.

Richard Pike (Twitter: @RichDPike89)
Wigan, UK

30 years-old sports fanatic and season ticket holder at Wigan Athletic in the second tier English Championship. Alongside Heart of Football, writes for Its Round and Its White. Passionate about all football, English Premier League, English Football League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and other European and World football leagues, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and International Football. Favourite Moment: Being at Wembley Stadium in May 2013 to watch Wigan defeat Manchester City in the 2013 FA Cup Final.

Simon Toye (Twitter: @SimonToye)
Todmorden, UK

As a child, my brother – a Preston fan – told me I should support my hometown club. So I did. I’m a Blackburn Rovers fan. Now there are many clubs in my life. I married a Man Utd fan; my brother-in-law is a Man City fan; my parents have season tickets at Accrington. So I have at one time or another attended games for all those clubs. I’m a football fan!

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