Heart of Football

Croatia fans in Moscow Fan Park for World Cup semi-final, 2018


While football can bring the world together, it also stokes emotions and opinions at all levels. In this section we will post a weekly debate between four of our writers over an issue in the game.

Click on each underlined title below to read our discussions, then let us know your thoughts on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Financial Fair Play

Does FFP protect the “elite” clubs? Should we return to the pre-FFP days, could it potentially be improved, or are there other alternatives? Richard Pike, Andrew McAlister, James Foster and Hanu Trivedi share their very different opinions on Financial Fair Play.

The Return of European Club Competitions

Will the English clubs dominate in Europe this season, can the perception of the Europa League be changed, have we seen the end of smaller teams reaching the latter stages, and will the Europa Conference League help or hinder this? Hanu Trivedi, Richard Pike, Ross Kilvington and Andrew Flint discuss all things Europe.

January Transfer Window

Should we scrap the window, give it a tweak, or introduce a new window system altogether? Loans and standout successes are just some of the things discussed by Richard Pike, James Foster, Ross Kilvington and Daniel Taylor as Heart of Football take a look over the 18 years of the two window system.

The Modern Game

Fan TV, programs and fanzines, mobile phones on the terraces and online broadcasting. Simon Toye, Richard Pike, James Foster and Andrew Flint present their views on the ever changing experiences of the modern game.


The polarising Video Assistant Referee. Did football need to move with the times, has VAR had any highlights, why is it received far better in other leagues and what is the best way forward? Simon Toye, James Foster, Bryan Moore and Andrew Flint discuss the pros and cons of one of footballs hottest topics.


Incredible memories, neglection from the corridors of the FA, sponsorships and streaming rights and does the League Cup have a future? Simon Toye, Richard Pike, James Foster and Andrew Flint talk through their opinions on the current standing of the oldest national football competition in the world, and its lesser siblings.


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