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  • FM20 Challenges: (5) Supporter Ownership, Phoenix Clubs and Academies

    FM20 Challenges: (5) Supporter Ownership, Phoenix Clubs and Academies

    If the global covid-19 pandemic has shown anything about the sport we love, it is how important the role of clubs are in the lives of fans, and vice versa. Empty stands are just not the same; clubs that rely on matchday income are gasping for breath; even the extraordinary sub-culture of esoteric random that […]

  • FM20 Challenges: (4) Financial & stadium issues

    FM20 Challenges: (4) Financial & stadium issues

    Project Restart is now in full swing as the Premier League is set to return on 17 June, while the Danish Superliga is the latest to resume action with AGF vs Randers FC tonight. One common theme of concern among clubs of almost all levels and leagues has been the financial impact the lockdown will […]

  • FM20 Challenges: (3) Fallen Giants

    FM20 Challenges: (3) Fallen Giants

    As leagues across Europe tentatively edge back towards action, fans are likely to be a notable absence from games for quite some time yet. Empty stands filled with little more than artificial crowd noise and advertising boards cast an eerie disconnected atmosphere. It may well take some time before football as we know it returns […]