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Sometimes the everyday stream of live football can be exhausting, so what better than to put your feet up for a few minutes and indulge in some quality storytelling? We love nostalgic nods to the past, present-day tales of non-league clubs, or simply personal tales from the beautiful game. Let us know what memories you have, and what else you’d like to read about.

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Project 2034: How an Indian club is undertaking the most ambitious youth football project in the world

Can a remarkable project on a previously unseen scale return India to the FIFA World Cup? Heart of Football writer Hanu Trivedi shows us how Ranjit Bajaj and Minerva Punjab FC are attempting to unleash the potential of 1.2 billion people.

Francesco Toldo: The underrated, dependable deputy to Buffon’s Brilliance

From struggling to breakthrough at Milan and playing in the third tier, to an incredible resurgence at Fiorentina. Heart of Football’s Richard Pike talks us through why Francesco Toldo should be considered as one of Italian goalkeeping’s unsung heroes, including that defining Euro 2000 tournament.

The importance of the Scottish Cup

Celtic. Celtic. Celtic. Celtic. Celtic. Celtic. Celtic. Celtic. Rangers. Rangers. Against a backdrop of boring and monotonous league campaigns, Heart of Football’s Jack Wills explains why the Scottish Cup might just be the saving grace of Scottish football, with a little help from cup winners Garry Kenneth, Danny Grainger and Danny Swanson.

Juan Carlos Valerón: The bad luck & timing of Super Depor’s genius

Among the glittering galaxy of classy Spanish midfielders the Deportivo La Coruna legend shines brightly. But for circumstance, could he have been the brightest? Richard Pike tells us why he believes he was perennially the right man at the wrong time.

The Enduring Appeal of Football’s TV Intro Music

Some iconic theme tunes, a healthy dose of nostalgia and one almighty Goooooooooooolazzzzoooooooo…. Take an epic trip down memory lane with Heart of Football contributor Richard Pike as we revisit TV’s greatest football theme songs.

Canadian Premier League

With the inaugural season now complete, Heart of Football’s Simon Toye gives us an overview of how the first season has fared, and spoke with Canadian football journalist Thomas Nef to see what the future holds for CanPL.

The Tragedy of Luciano Re Ceccone

Who doesn’t love a prank? Editor James Foster tells the sorrowful story of how one of Italy’s most talented and fun loving midfielders met his tragic, mistimed end.

La Coupe de France: Football’s most unique cup competition

Richard Pike gives us the lowdown on sports largest and most diverse competition, with sides from as far as Guadeloupe and Martinique, to Réunion and France (obviously) competing to take home the Coupe de France.

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