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CM/FM legends

Unfortunately the vast majority of us will never become a professional player or manager. The good news however is that there is always the escapism of management simulation games that let us play out our dreams: step forward Championship Manager and Football Manager. The franchise has been running in its various forms for the best part of three decades now, and much as it is a quite remarkable resource refined over a generation, there have been some legendary anomalies.

Those players that were impossibly successful in the game but simply couldn’t match up to their virtual achievements in real life. here, we will tell the brief real-life stories of our favourite Championship Manager and Football Manager legends. Enjoy!

From Russia With Love: Francis Cagigao, Southend United & Me

Russian football journalist Alexey Zakharov tells Heart of Football all about how his left field love of Southend United and Francis Cagigao stemmed from Sunderland’s ascent to the 1992 FA Cup Final, and Stan Collymore.

Tom Youngs

A versatile Lilleshall gem who could excel in any forward position, he is the key player in a story tinged with sadness, but also intelligence and boundless potential.

Bjørn Heidenstrøm

The Norwegian international slumming it in the English 4th tier, who went on to make a 23,000km journey and receive an endorsement from the Nobel Peace Centre.

Mika Ääritalo

The £200k superstar who could transform your side, whatever the level, and ultimately wanted to be a one club man.


The guy who invented the ‘seal’ dribble. Yeah that guy. Lauded as the next Ronaldinho, his career never hit the heights of his illustrious compatriot, but he’s doing all he can to help those following in his footsteps.

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