Heart of Football

Author: James Foster

  • An Introduction to UK Academy Football

    An Introduction to UK Academy Football

    Youth academies. Anyone who’s played Football Manager will know how important they are in guiding your wonderkids towards a first team place. Improving the facilities, bringing in the greatest minds in terms of coaching and analysis, all of it has an influence when attempting to reduce the impact of the transition from youth football to…

  • Debate: Coronavirus Pandemic

    Debate: Coronavirus Pandemic

    1) In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, should we be postponing games instead of continuing to play them, either publicly or behind closed doors? Andrew Flint: I think we’re at the stage now where postponing games for a short period would make sense, but only if it is implemented across the board by UEFA.…

  • The tragedy of Luciano Re Cecconi

    The tragedy of Luciano Re Cecconi

    Picture the scene. It’s a rainy Lancashire afternoon at Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School. The main building is reminiscent of HMP Wandsworth and is located at the top of a small mill town in Rossendale, known for literally nothing and, excitingly, having nothing to do. In fact, Sky recently chose it as the ideal place…

  • CM/FM Legends: Mika Ääritalo

    CM/FM Legends: Mika Ääritalo

    £200k. That’s it. Two hundred thousand of your finest English pounds, and it got you an absolute wizard of the left wing. Whether you wanted a player to drag you from the lower leagues up to Champions League glory, or someone to supplement 20+ goals and assists per season from the flanks in a world…

  • CM/FM Legends: Kerlon

    CM/FM Legends: Kerlon

    If the ball isn’t on the floor, they can’t tackle you. Sound logic really, don’t know why more players didn’t try it. Kerlon tried it, spectacularly, multiple times, and the ‘Seal Dribble’ became his signature move. He got an elbow from Dyego Rocha Coelho for his efforts on one of the occasions as defenders struggled…